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Meet Your Instructor

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Michael Wallace

Senior Executive Vice President, CRPC©,

Financial Services of America

Introduction to Annual Reviews

Annual Review Form Example (used in video above)

  • This form is titled FSA Consolidated Asset Sheet_Client Service Report on ACCESS.

How to find this form on ACCESS

The Annual Review form can be found on ACCESS in one of 2 ways.
  • 1. ​Click on the Documents tab
    • Annual Review​
      • Service Packages​
        • This form can be found in the Renewal folder for all service packages (FSA Consolidated Asset Sheet_Client Service Report 2021).
  • 2. You can also use the search bar to find this form.
    • Click on the Documents tab
      • Type any of the following phrases in the search bar (located in the upper right hand corner) and the form will populate:
        • ​FSA Consolidated Asset Sheet
        • FSA Consolidated
        • Client Service Report
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