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Meet Your Instructor

Medvedik, Jeff.jpg

Jeff Medvedik

Senior Executive Vice President,

Financial Services of America

History of FSA 




DISC – Personality Test 

  • Dominate – 5 minute warm up. Business owner, person in power, 6-5 250 

  • Influential – 20 minute warm up. Housewife, sales people, social workers (100% emotional driven) 

  • Safe – 10 minute warm up. Average big 3 retiree 

  • Calculated – 1 minute warm up. Engineers, analytical people

  1. Attitude is 90% of the job

  2. 99% of the reason you didn’t reschedule is you didn’t control with questions

  3. A sale is a series of agreements

  4. I ask uncomfortable questions for a living

  5. Whoever has the biggest comfort zone is usually in control

  6. Two things to be successful:  personality and persistence

  7. Advice can be given or taken.  A problem has to be solved

  8. If your tactics are sound, they can’t fight you

  9. Successful people do what unsuccessful people are afraid to do

  10. Your income is determined by the strength of your backbone

  11. Always be thinking to yourself “justify to me your estate, tax and investment planning”

  12. Good habits produce good results.  Great habits produce great results

  13. Activity creates production

  14. No one has a perfect portfolio.  NO ONE

  15. Fake it until you make it

  16. You are what you think you are

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